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Using Big Data to ImprovTop Funding Application Mistakes and How to Avoid Them — Effective Grant Writing

Getting transit funding begins with a powerful application. In this webinar, Effective Grant Writing for your Funding Initiatives, learn how to avoid the top mistakes that agencies make when creating their funding application. Come listen and learn to make your applications more effective and impactful.

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Dana Schuler Drummond
Communication Expert
Sharpshooter Communications, LLC

Dana is a communications expert and has an extensive history working with non-profit groups and transit operators to create effective grant applications and secure funding from state and federal governments. She currently owns and operates her own Nonprofit Organization Management company, Sharpshooter Communications, LLC.

Speaker Image Margaret Mixon
Director of Business Development
Coordinated Transportation Solutions, Inc

Mary Ann Ferris-Young
Account Manager
TripSpark Technologies

Mary Ann is an account manager at TripSpark and is our resident transit funding expert. She works closely with clients to build grant applications that align with the technology purchase they desire.

Speaker Image

Speaker Image

Key Takeaways:

  • Developing clarity around what you’re asking for
  • Understanding the language and lexicon
  • Writing specifically for your audience