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Using Big Data to Improve Your Transit Agency

You can’t fix what you can’t see. In other words, improving your service begins with an accurate analysis of your existing system. Our guests include Candace Eudaley, Director of Transit Operations at the Jule, and Mike Hall, Director of Service Development and Special Projects at Hope Network (NEMT & Paratransit). Both have first-hand experience in using data analysis to improve the efficiency of their operations. The Jule reduced their expenses by an amazing $100,000. Find out how to use your data more effectively.

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Candace Eudaley
Director of Transit Operations - The Jule (City of Dubuque Public Transit)
East Central Intergovernmental Association

Candace has worked over the past 5 years to ensure that the Jule is operating at its peak efficiency. Through her important work and by analyzing key data, she has helped her to fill empty buses and get riders to their destinations faster. In the end, fixed route software with the ability to build customized reports has helped Candace live up to her philosophy of “giving people the gift of more time.”

Speaker Image Margaret Mixon
Director of Business Development
Coordinated Transportation Solutions, Inc

Mike Hall
Director of Service Development and Special Projects
Hope Network

For over 5 years, Mike has been the strategic planner for Hope Network. In that time, he has been committed towards enhancing their operation by introducing new technologies and improving workflow.

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Speaker Image

Key Takeaways:

  • What Big Data can do for your agency
  • How to build a system around your riders’ needs
  • The benefits of optimizing routes