NEMTAC 2 Hour Virtual Conference

Designing Progressive NEMT Operations

Uniting top industry experts from MCOs and Providers, NEMTAC hosted its first virtual 2-hour conference, powered by TripSpark Technologies, focused on overcoming operational challenges within the industry. By adapting to the changing needs of customers and pivoting internal resources, these organizations discover the key to prosperity during these uncertain times, and beyond.

Simply fill out the form to watch the recording of the event. We have also put together an exclusive whitepaper, which provides key learnings from the conference to assist your organization with your own NEMT operations planning.

Learn How to design progressive NEMT Operations

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Designing Progressive NEMT Operations

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  • Melissa Jankowski, Executive Director - NEMTAC
  • Tracey Adkins, Chief Information Officer, Tennessee Carriers – TN
  • Cris Sierra, Vice President, Comfort Care Transportation, a WellMed Company – TX
  • Michael Pinske, Founder & President, AmeriCare Mobility Van - MN
  • Mark Porterfield, President and CEO, M&M Mobility d/b/a Care❤avan Transport– AL
  • Joe Tovar, Senior Product Manager, TripSpark Medical
  • Ed Platt, Vice President and COO, Coordinated Transportation Services – CT
  • Brian Spani, Brokerage Administrator, Bay Cities Brokerage / Metro West Ambulance - OR
  • Holly Vassar, Provider Contract Manager, UCARE - MN
  • Michael Shabkie, Founder / Treasurer - NEMTAC

Key Takeaways:

  • Knowing how far you can stretch your current resources is pivotal to succeed in business and to survive and grow in 2021.
  • Learn how your organization can capture operational metrics and how technology can assist in boosting efficiency, effectiveness, and resiliency
  • Understand how important it is to know your KPI’s, and learn about growing your service across different markets