DriverMate, Your In-Vehicle Assistant

DriverMate is an easy to deploy, simple to use demand response mobile data terminal (MDT).

In-Vehicle App


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What's New

XGate and XMM integration is available with Novus 4.3.3+

Allows for faster PUSH communication, built-in encryption, built-in data compression, remote file browsing, and remote file transfers. Benefitting your transit agency by

  • Dispatchers – Manifest changes are instantly and securely sent out to your drivers
  • Drivers – Faster 2 way communication with dispatch
  • IT – Uncomplicated and convenient to setup and manage DriverMate

DriverMate XML configuration file  

Allows IT to configure multiple devices quickly and easily by using a single configuration file

New Lock Screen functionality

Prevents unauthorized use while the driver is away from the tablet

New timers for breaks

A countdown timer for breaks that allows drivers to see time remaining for each break

Improved "No Shows"

Ability to control the no show button availability and can restrict it to the scheduling window instead of driver arrival time

New arrival restrictions

The ability to restrict manual Arrive operation based on distance and time

Improved VoIP Functionality

No more need for a separate voice plan, drivers can call directly to dispatch and passengers using the most popular SIP protocol

New Time display options

Customize how times are displayed for events on the manifest screen and the details screen. Choose from 5 different time stamps and durations

New safety message before login

A driver safety message to inform the user of their responsibilities, focusing on safety, when using the mobile application. The message can be customized and the user must accept to be able to log in and use the application

DriverMate Solution Sheet

DriverMate has all the new improvements above, plus the same great benefits:

  • Realize productivity gains of 5-10%
  • Improve passengers per hour ratio
  • Reduce dispatch-driver radio traffic
  • Redeploy resources by eliminating manual data entry and paperwork
  • Minimize human error
  • Improve on-time performance rates
  • Reduce or eliminate service denials

Your Drivers Will Love It

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