Product Demonstration Video

MyRide Passenger Information System: New Features and Apps

With MyRide’s News and Notifications features, riders can get personalized real-time bus departure information and news that is meaningful to them. Publish multimedia news stories and send riders real-time alerts for weather events or unexpected route interruptions. Give riders the flexibility of accessing MyRide via their web browser or apps for Android and iOS. Watch the video to discover how!



Tanya Brusse
Product Manager, Fixed Route
TripSpark Technologies

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Key Takeaways:

  • Publish multimedia news stories & service updates with one system – including Twitter, Facebook and Google+.

  • Riders can subscribe to the news that is meaningful to them, choosing to have it sent via pop-ups, SMS and/or email.

  • Personalized, real-time bus departure notifications can be created by riders so that they are alerted when their bus is due to arrive.

  • Easy-to-find iOS and Android apps are searchable by agency name.