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Filling Communication Gaps with NEMT Technology

With real-time connectivity enabled by Provider Mobile and other NEMT technologies, you can gain insight into provider trips, streamline completion processes, and let clients know exactly when their ride will arrive.

Better service for your clients, more insight into provider vehicles, and improved efficiency is all possible if you have the right tools! Watch the video to see how.  

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Gail Bauhs
Industry Solutions Consultant, NEMT
TripSpark Technologies

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Joe Tovar
Product Manager, Medical Suite
TripSpark Technologies

Key Takeaways:

  • Drivers can self-select trips for streamlined trip assignment and improved ability to fulfil same-day trips
  • Track driver locations and availability to immediately know who is able to perform the trip
  • Signature capture ensures the trip was performed for the correct person
  • Real-time arrival data is automatically pushed to clients via Notifications or your Client Portal