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Reducing the Impact of Will Calls

Reducing costly ‘will calls’ and coordinating return rides efficiently is a key issue for the NEMT industry. Brokers, providers and technology vendors are tasked with finding new and innovative ways to manage operations more effectively. In this webinar, we examine a number of ways to reduce the impact of will calls.

See how to reduce the impact of will calls!

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Paula George
Deputy Administrator, HST Coordinator
Cape Cod Regional Transit Authority

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Cori Walter
General Manager
First Transit

Some key takeaways:

We bring together a panel of NEMT providers and brokers to describe the success they’ve encountered. The methods they use are borne out of years of experience and can benefit any sized NEMT operation.

  • Best booking practices for NEMT operators
  • Innovative ways to approach will calls
  • Using technology to its fullest

If you’re confronting an issue with ‘will calls’ you definitely need to attend this informative and helpful webinar. Watch the webinar now!