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How to Reduce No-shows and Driver Wait Times With Notifications

The goal behind TripSpark’s Ripple Notifications is to offer demand response agencies and NEMT providers an affordable tool to improve operations. Traditional IVR works well but requires a great deal of resources: time, IT support, expense. By listening to our clients, TripSpark has developed a product that provides the same benefits of IVR but without the hassle.

See what notifications can do for you.

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Joe Tovar
Demand Response Product Manager
TripSpark Technologies

Key Takeaways:

From the back office to a client’s home, TripSpark Notifications is easy to understand and use. In this Webinar, you’ll see how simple it is to program, modify and operate to improve long-term ROI for:

  • Reduced no-shows
  • Reduced river wait times
  • Greater information relayed to clients
  • Improved overall transportation experience
  • Revenue and operational savings

While the set-up and implementation of this cloud-based system may be light, the resulting benefits are weighty indeed. Watch the recording to learn more about this amazing product.