Streets ITS Product, Sales, Marketing, Deployment and Support Relaunch!

Our Old Approach: Primarily focused on the Product
Our New Approach: Increased focus on Core Product Benefits and Total Offering
Intended Outcome: A stronger value proposition that drives
new holistic-view behaviors across TripSpark


There will be changes to the way we sell our products and services, how we onboard and train new staff, and more! Read the chart to see how each department will make changes to support the new approach.

Streets Relaunch: We’re all in this Together!

Department Current State New Approach Intended Outcome
-Too focused on product and feature content. -Partner and Value focused positioning and messaging. -Demonstrating the value we deliver with our support by aligning it to the lifecycle of the customer. -Leveraging customers to be our voice versus solely us talking. -Messaging will be more targeted toward what it means to the agency. -“We are more than just technology.” -Point of differentiation from others out there. -We want customers to view us as a strategic partner as opposed to another vendor. -Customers understand that we will move together with them throughout this process and as their business evolves.



The Streets Re-Launch guide contains the rationale behind aligning Streets with Moving Together, and links to a variety of resources that support the brand.