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Streets Web Webinar

Having access to real time information is essential to manage and monitor the quality of service. When seconds matter, having immediate alerts about an accident or an incident involving your buses is essential. The new Streets Web allows you to access and monitor CAD/AVL data (updated by Mobile Data Terminals on the bus) from any mobile device and over the Internet. In real time, you can observe buses on their routes to ensure on-time performance or a schedule violation. As well, you can dig deeper into the data by accessing any historical day or date and analyzing a particular incident.

Dig deeper with Streets Web!

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Cameron Laird
Director of Technology Development
TripSpark Technologies

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Gerard Kirchtag
Account Manager
TripSpark Technologies

Key Takeaways:

This webinar demonstrates the full power of Streets Web, including amazing benefits such as:

  • Automated alerts sent to your mobile device
  • Google integration: street view, Earth and maps
  • Thin-client, browser-based
  • Customizable screen layouts

Put the power of Streets CAD/AVL data into the palm of your hand with Streets Web, the go-anywhere, browser-based solution.