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Tips for Marketing Technology to Riders

Marketing new technologies to your riders can produce a number of key results. In some cases, funding can depend upon the value of the transportation services you offer and you’re going to need to show the success of your technology purchase. If you’ve gone through the trouble (and expense) of enhancing your operation with some exciting new services, then you need to get the word out. 

See how you can market to your riders.

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Abby Slovack
Transit Planning & Technology Manager
Lethbridge Transit

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Adrienne Moretz
Community Relations Manager
Transit Services of Frederick County

In this webinar you will learn:

You can listen to their story and learn from their expertise as to why marketing is a vital component of the transit industry. And what’s better, you can ask them yourself how they did it.

  • Where and when to find your audience
  • Understanding your demographic
  • Knowing what technology is most needed

If you’re reading this now, it is proof that marketing is essential to keep your community informed and interested. You can, and should, do this too. Watch the webinar now.