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Ridership Recovery & Managing Staff Shortages with Technology


🚍 Driver and other staff shortages giving you sleepless nights?

🧍 Ridership recovery still reeling under COVID-19 after-effects?

🚧 Concerned about adapting to constantly-changing ridership patterns?

Join Jenn Van Geem and Paul Comfort as they discuss strategies to safeguard an agency's operations from such burning issues plaguing our industry and showcase how our friends at Citybus (Lafayette, Indiana, USA) have harnessed the power of passenger-facing technology to do so effectively.


Building Together. Moving Together.

Transit Agency Partnership

Learn from CityBus' success with ridership recovery & solving staff shortages


Joining Us

Paul Comfort

Paul Comfort
SVP & Chief Customer Officer
Modaxo (TripSpark's parent company)

Paul Buck

Jenn Van Geem
Account Manager

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