Informational Video - Demand Response Edition

What to Expect Out of a Transportation Software Implementation

TripSpark demand response projects are deployed in a multi-part process. We start with reviewing your requirements before we install your software and conduct training. Then, we give you some time to practice using the software before you complete user acceptance testing and the project goes live. A similar process is then followed for the in-vehicle portion of your system. 

Watch the video to learn what you can expect during each stage of the implementation process.

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Chris Hvidsten
Deployment Specialist
TripSpark Technologies

Key Takeaways:

  • Who are the players involved in your deployment?
  • What information do we look at when determining your set-up requirements?
  • Which tasks are done remotely, and which tasks require an on-site visit?
  • What is different about installing a Ranger MDT versus installing the DriverMate tablet solution?